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Promoting Medication Adherence Among Traveling Seniors

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Polypharmacy is common among the aging population as seniors require multiple medications to manage different health conditions. Following the instructions for each medication is important to ensure efficacy and avoid serious health risks. That is why some families opt for home care services in Laurel, Maryland to provide an elderly family member with daily medication reminders.

Medication adherence can be challenging for many seniors especially when they travel. As a trusted provider of home health care in Maryland, we will share effective medication management tips for traveling seniors:

  • Pack a list of prescriptions and dosages.Pack a list of prescriptions and dosages to manage your senior loved one’s medicines more efficiently. While you may know their medication schedule by heart, it is still helpful to write down details like the schedule and dosage. Doing so is useful especially if a family member takes over in looking after them.
  • Consider the mode of transportation.Some medications lose their efficacy when they are stored in low or cold temperatures. Hence, it is important to keep your loved one’s medication at a safe temperature. In general, it is best to keep the medicines in a handbag or carry-on for easier storage and access.
  • Be aware of food or beverage interactions.In your usual environment, you may plan your senior loved one’s meal with your home care provider. However, traveling removes the planning element and can lead to negative interactions with certain medications. Be sure to talk to your doctor about potential interactions beforehand.

Sarah’s Peace and Love Home Healthcare is a non-medical home care agency serving families across Laurel, Maryland. Reach out to us or set an appointment to assess your loved one’s needs and determine the most suitable care plan.

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