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Fun Exercise Ideas for Kids and Parents

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For some parents, exercise is a time to decompress. However, exercise can also be a great activity to spend quality time with the kids while promoting fitness. Exercise can set children up for an active, healthy lifestyle as adults. An active lifestyle can offset the need for in-home help from a home care agency as they age.

As a provider of home health care in Maryland, we will share fun exercise ideas for kids and parents:

  • Go on preor post-dinner walksBuilding a daily walk into your everyday schedule is easy to commit to and perform each day. Parents and their children can go for a walk around the neighborhood at the same time each day or mix it up by going for a walk after dinner instead of before. Daily walks can be made more fun by playing games like “I Spy” and adding brief sprints in between blocks.
  • Make a game out of household choresAnother exercise idea for kids and parents is performing chores together as a game. Parents can create a system for accomplishing specific tasks within a certain time frame as part of a game. Children can also play make-believe while performing chores to nurture their imagination and add more physical activity to their day.
  • Walk or run for charityShow children the value of exercise by teaming up for a fundraising race. There are many races that allow children and parents to participate. Even if you don’t win, it’s a great way to bond and adds value to physical exercise.

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