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Practical Home Modifications to Ensure Senior Safety

Sporty senior man practicing yoga using chair

When an elderly loved one and your family members have decided that aging in place is the best care option, it is time to prepare for the transition. Home care services in Laurel, Maryland offer many benefits to seniors by looking after their wellbeing and safety at home. To better prepare for the transition, there are a few modifications you may need to make to ensure safety.

As an established home care agency, we will discuss a few practical home modifications you may need to perform before receiving home care:

  • Widen the doorways.When your senior relies on mobility aids like a wheelchair or a walker to move, it is wise to widen the doorways beforehand. While this depends on the placement of outlets and electrical switches at home, widening doorways will increase mobility and convenience for your loved one.
  • Install assistive devices in the bathroom.The bathroom is where seniors are most prone to falls leading to injury. Shower chairs and grab bars can make the bathroom safer and more comfortable for elderly family members. It also helps to place a non-slip mat and improve the lighting in the bathroom.
  • Improve the lighting in key areas.In addition to the bathroom, it also helps to improve the lighting in key areas. This may include hallways, stairs, the kitchen, and the bedroom. This is especially helpful for seniors with impaired vision and low mobility. Better lighting can prevent falls and make it easier to get around the house especially at night.

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