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Remember These Hygiene Tips for Bedridden Seniors


When a person is confined to bed owing to a medical condition, they still need to maintain proper hygiene. Because their bodies are frail, they must rely on others for care and support. As a caregiver, you may make bed-bound elderly people as happy and healthy as possible by assisting them with their hygiene. Sarah’s Peace and Love Home Healthcare provides some tips on how to maintain proper personal hygiene when caring for someone bedridden.

  • Bathe Regularly
    If a senior is unable to bathe themself, try giving them regular bed baths. It’s critical to use a light, fragrance-free moisturizer after a bath or shower to keep skin hydrated and soothe dry or itchy patches.
  • Change Their Bedsheets Regularly
    Bedridden seniors spend the majority of their time in their beds. Thus, the bedsheets frequently become dirty with food stains, grime, and other skin particles. So, you must change the bedsheets and pillowcases frequently. If unclean bed sheets are not changed regularly, they can cause skin problems such as dark patches, blisters, wrinkles, and bedsores.
  • Brush Teeth After Meals
    Help your elderly loved one clean their mouth after each meal to maintain healthy teeth and gums. If possible, floss and rinse twice a day to ensure that any trapped food particles are removed.
  • Take Care of the Surroundings
    While bedridden elders have little choice but to remain in their beds, their environment can have a big impact on their mental health. As a result, you must create a healthy and comfortable environment.

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