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Strategies to Help Manage Your Child’s Screen Time

Strategies to Help Manage Your Child’s Screen Time

Today, we rely on technology to perform daily tasks as well as for entertainment. However, excessive screen time can be harmful to our health, especially for children. In addition to receiving help from a home care agency, parents can help their children maintain good health by managing the time they spend in front of a screen.

As a licensed provider of home health care in Maryland, we have prepared simple yet effective strategies to manage your child’s screen time:

  • Lead by example with your device use.

    Children often model their behavior after their parents and other adults at home. One way to encourage healthy use of technology is to lead by example. Consider limiting your screen time at home or creating a schedule based on your workload and daily routines at home.

  • Establish screen-free spaces at home.

    Another way to limit or manage screen time at home is to create screen-free spaces at home. This may include your child’s bedroom or a common area like the living room. You may also prohibit the use of phones and other devices during meals and other family activities.

  • Use apps to monitor screen time better.

    Numerous apps allow you to manage and monitor your child’s screen time better. Some apps will also allow you to set limits on how much time they can spend using a certain device. This can be a helpful tool for younger children.

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