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Challenging Behaviors of Children and Elderly Patients


Just like in any other job, encountering difficult situations in the workplace is inevitable. Healthcare workers like caregivers and home health aides in particular can suffer from burnout eventually due to the nature of their job.

In addition to receiving basic medical training, employees of a home health care agency in Laurel, Maryland also need to be equipped to handle the challenging behaviors of children and elderly patients alike. Recognizing these behaviors is the first step before one can devise a solution for it.

Common challenging behaviors of a patient in home care services in Maryland regardless of age include being resistant, defiant, hostile, angry, disrespectful, and even impulsive. Both the elderly and young patients display anger and frustration in different ways and for several reasons. Being afraid of taking a bath and refusing help with hygiene may make the patient resistant. Depression and other mental conditions are often the underlying cause for elderly patients.

Another challenging aspect in dealing with patients in respite care is their outlook towards food. People can be picky eaters for different reasons. Elders experience a decline in their sense of smell and taste which also influences their appetite. Children, on the other hand, tend to dislike fruits and vegetables because these don’t taste as good as junk foods, desserts, or meat.

Some children are prone to whining when things don’t go their way. For elderly patients, disrespectful behavior may or not be paired with yelling. These kinds of behavior may take a toll on healthcare professionals, even those of Sarah’s Peace and Love Home Healthcare. If you suspect a loved one has developed a mental, behavioral, or psychological problem, it’s best to see a professional specializing in those areas on top of availing of home health services.


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