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Pediatric Services of In-Home Care Providers


Similar to elderly care, health services for your child are also possible in the comfort of your home. It is suitable for parents, guardians, or patients who prefer receiving medical treatment in their homes. The cost varies on the severity of the condition and the level of professional care required.

Pediatric home care services in Maryland commonly cater to conditions that need treatment. Some children may have complications since birth while others suffer from acquired diseases or injuries. Birth defects may occur as a result of genetics, environmental factors, medication side effects, or substance exposure. Children with these defects may need one or more of these treatment options: pediatric physical therapy, occupational therapy, medications, surgery, and even modifications in one’s environment.

It is also possible for a home health care agency in Laurel, Maryland to specialize in a certain condition or disease. It may be related to children who have cancer, genetic disorders, nutritional deficiencies, cardiac and respiratory diseases, and mental or behavioral conditions to name a few. Pediatric home health services can also provide these additional services like pediatric nursing for patients who need assistance with medications and activities of daily living, oncology for children with cancer, and even palliative care for those with long-term and more serious conditions.

Medical equipment for pediatric patients is an additional necessity when availing of home health services which entail higher costs. Respite care for children is also a popular service, especially for family caregivers who need a temporary break.

With the reliable staff of Sarah’s Peace and Love Home Healthcare, your children can receive quality medical care and recover comfortably at home. Call or email us to book an appointment.


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