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Family Nutrition: Tips to Encourage Healthy Eating

Foods for healthy vision

It’s no secret that a well-balanced diet and proper nutrition have significant effects on one’s health and overall wellness. Despite knowing this, it can be a challenge to prepare nutritious meals daily which affects the health of all family members, from children to grandparents.

Regardless of age, it’s important to establish healthy eating habits to promote good health and maintain a healthy weight. In doing so, one can prevent or minimize the risk of health issues that include diabetes, asthma, high blood pressure, and even heart disease. As a leading provider of home care services in Laurel, Maryland, we will share practical tips to encourage healthy eating at home:

  • Make fruits and vegetables appetizing.It can be a challenge to encourage young children to eat fruits and vegetables. While the recommended amount depends on age and physical activity, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention generally recommend that children consume 1-2 cups of fruit and 1-3 cups of vegetables daily.Since fruits and vegetables are an important part of a well-balanced diet, you can encourage your kids to eat them by making them more appetizing. There are many tasty ways to add these nutritious ingredients to your family’s diet, such as making a fruit smoothie or adding pieces of sliced fruit and vegetables to cereal and snacks.
  • Cut out unhealthy ingredients.When it comes to meal preparation, there are certain ingredients you can cut out to prepare more nutritious meals. While trans fats have been removed from many foods, they are still available in some foods. Trans fats not only increase bad cholesterol but are also known to increase the risk of heart disease.Additionally, salt intake should also be reduced. A high-salt diet can lead to high blood pressure, heart disease, and stroke. Rather than adding salt when seasoning food, use other spices and fresh herbs to add flavor instead. A home care agency can also assist with preparing healthy meals.
  • Limit unhealthy snacks.While it’s alright to indulge in fast food and junk foods every once in a while, it’s not recommended to eat them daily. Fast foods contain high amounts of saturated fat, processed ingredients, trans fats, salt, and sugar which can harm you and your family’s health. Instead, consider baking healthy treats and preparing healthy snacks for a more well-balanced diet.Additionally, one should also limit the intake of sweetened beverages like soda. Soda contains a high amount of sugar and phosphoric acid that makes it harder for our bodies to absorb calcium. This can cause osteoporosis in older adults and can also cause cavities. Instead, substitute soda with organic juice or sparkling water with sliced fruit for flavor.

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