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Healthy Vision: How to Protect Children’s Eyesight

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Today, technology has a bigger presence in our daily lives. This has led to a dependence on technology in our day-to-day tasks and activities. Hence, maintaining a healthy vision has become challenging for parents and children. As your trusted provider of home health care in Maryland, we will share effective tips to protect your children’s eyesight:

  • Maintain a healthy dietNutrition is key to promote eye health in children and setting up healthy habits that will last a lifetime. Eye-healthy foods like vegetables, seafood, and fruits can help children get the proper nutrition they need to protect their eyes from damage caused by screens. A home care agency can assist with grocery shopping to maintain an eye-healthy diet.
  • Get enough sleepAdequate sleep rejuvenates the whole body including the eyes. Children must establish a regular sleep routine to promote eye health. It helps to avoid using screens an hour before bedtime and to go to sleep at a regular time each night.
  • Limit screen timeThe use of computers, tablets, and TVs has added a lot more screen time to children’s daily lives. However, excessive screen time at night can cause eye strain and damage leading to blurry vision, headaches, and difficulty concentrating. It’s best to limit screen time per day and assign “screen-free” areas at home.

Sarah’s Peace and Love Home Healthcare is your dependable provider of home care services in Laurel, Maryland. In addition to home care, we also offer child care services to make your life as a parent or guardian much easier. Reach out to us to learn more about receiving child care services at home.

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