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How Licensed Medical Practitioners Deliver Complex Care

Role of Licensed Medical Practitioners in Delivering Complex Care Services

Experience outstanding, accessible, and affordable home care services in Laurel, Maryland with Sarah’s Peace and Love Home Healthcare, LCC. We are dedicated caregivers and certified nursing assistants whose job is to take good care of people incapable of doing their tasks alone, especially senior citizens who are growing older as time passes. We also tend medically complex and injured individuals regardless of age, ethnicity, and sexual orientation.

This home health care in Maryland is willing to prove that in terms of home care services, we have genuine intentions. We have designed specific care programs with certainty that our core values like diversity and dignity are practiced.

We have established a name for ourselves in this line of service because we believe that the values, knowledge, and skills we possess are what vulnerable people need. This home care agency fosters people who want to maintain little independence despite their need for our assistance.

We offer Complex Care Services which requires the expertise of healthcare professionals who are licensed to do the job. These services are complicated in nature which is why, considering work ethics, only registered professionals are allowed to practice them. Some of these services are:

  • G-Tube Feeding which is commonly used for feeding purposes
  • Insulin Injection to control the blood sugar of people who have diabetes
  • Respiratory Therapy involving assessment and diagnosis of patients to recommend appropriate interventions
  • Intravenous (IV) Therapy which is the process of delivering fluids directly into a person’s veins

To undergo these services, the decision must be well -thought of and to show you that we can be trusted, we welcomed licensed professionals so that with expertise and values, we can provide you the home care services you deserve.

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