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Healthy Diet for a Healthier Body

Healthy Diet for a Healthier Body

Sarah’s Peace and Love Home Healthcare, LCC offers high-quality, exclusive, and affordable home care services in Laurel, Maryland. Our focus is to give home care services for senior citizens and anyone incapable of doing tasks by themselves while giving them an opportunity to practice a little independence.

This home health care in Maryland is driven by our core values such as empathy and respect as well as our passion to be of service to people.

We are a home care agency that delivers healthcare services for people who have medical conditions, injury, and are older because they need to be prioritized.

Meal preparation is one of the services we offer in our Respite Care Program. We want to make sure that you can achieve your health goals. Hence, our team designed the perfect everyday meals for you.

Healthy and consistent diet helps prevent malnutrition and diseases. Variety of food and vegetables including the seasonal ones should always be present during meals. It is also advisable to eat fresh fruits and raw vegetables for snacks.

Intake of fatty, salty and high in sugar amounts of food should be avoided as much as possible. Saturated and trans-fat should be reduced by 10% and 1% of the total energy intake, respectively. Replacing them with unsaturated fats by steaming or boiling food instead of frying, for instance, is highly encouraged. When cooking, we use a small amount of salty ingredients like soy sauce and bouillon, and during snacks, eating junk food needs to be avoided. Sugar, on the other hand, should also be reduced by 10% of total energy intake. Consumption of low-sugar food like nuts and eggs is better.

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