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How to Protect Loved Ones from Respiratory Problems


Respiratory problems affect many children and senior citizens in the country. And the number of people getting infections continues to rise as they get exposed to various risk factors, increasing the need for home care services in Maryland.

Some of the most common respiratory diseases are COPD, asthma, pneumonia, and other illnesses caused by Respiratory Syncytial Virus. These are known to be killers of children and elderly adults, and the surge will continue if we do not keep them safe from these health issues.

So what can we, as their home health care providers and their families do to protect them from the harm of respiratory system problems?

  • Promote proper hygiene, especially handwashing techniques
  • Teach the young about cough etiquette
  • Keep the house clean and sanitized
  • Educate the family about the benefits of quitting smoking habits
  • Isolate family members with symptoms and call their doctors for advice

These practices are crucial to prevent illnesses and halt the spread of viruses within the household. If families need help from a homemaker, they can hire a friendly representative from our team.

They might also need skilled nursing services to attend to loved ones’ medical needs. The homecare and healthcare experts from our home health care agency in Laurel, Maryland are always willing to assist, too. You can guarantee that Sarah’s Peace and Love Home Healthcare has caring and compassionate professionals to handle the job.

Should you also need respite care to recover from caregiving duties, call us at 240-716-4250.

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