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Low-Impact Exercises That Benefit Older Adults

Low-Impact Exercises That Benefit Older Adults

To maintain our health, it is recommended that we get daily exercise. For older adults, even those who are not as physically fit, low-impact workouts can work wonders in their physical and mental health. Low-impact exercises are typically easier on the body and get the blood flowing to improve strength, balance, and flexibility.

As a leading provider of home health care in Maryland, we will share the best low-impact exercises that benefit older adults:

  • Swimming

    Also called water aerobics, swimming is a low-impact workout since the buoyancy of the water counteracts gravity. This makes it an effective workout for older adults with joint pain or back pain. Water aerobics can help them tone down and maintain a healthy weight without the risk of falls or slips during exercise.

  • Sitting Exercises

    For older adults with mobility issues, chair or sitting exercises is a great workout. A home care agency can assist older adults with performing chair exercises to build muscle, improve blood circulation, and reduce inflammation to keep the joints moving easier.

  • Walking

    It may not seem like it, but walking is a low-impact aerobic exercise that can benefit older adults. Walking is gentle on the back and is excellent for overall body conditioning. Wearing a good pair of supportive walking shoes while walking can help older adults reap the benefits of this low-impact exercise.

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