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One Step at a Time: Walking for Seniors


Walking is perhaps the simplest physical activity that contributes to a person’s health, and this remains applicable through one’s age. Young and older people can benefit from walking.

If you have a senior loved one at home, you may realize how walking and physical movements can impact their condition. Unfortunately, no matter how beneficial something can be, there are situations when doing so is difficult. For example, some seniors may have difficulty walking or have anxiety about it.

Our home care services in Laurel, Maryland include support for your senior loved one every step of the way. If your senior loved one needs more motivation to start a walking habit, joining a group with a shared interest can boost their interest. If they prefer to keep the group smaller, having a walking buddy can be a good alternative. As long as they have someone or some people who do the walking at the same time, they feel motivated and responsible to try and continue the activity. It is also important to ensure walking is safe and comfortable for them.

Aside from looking out for their safety in every step, we can help find the proper footwear for them. Orthopedic shoes and other shoe types can make walking enjoyable and less painful for seniors. Choose the home care agency that puts your needs above.

At Sarah’s Peace and Love Home Healthcare, we make home health care in Maryland work for you and your family.

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