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Strong Values Behind a Genuine Home Care Service

Strong Values Behind a Genuine Home Care Service

Sarah’s Peace and Love Home Healthcare, LCC is a team of helpers, motivators, and caregivers dedicated to provide quality, personalized, and affordable home care services in Laurel, Maryland primarily for senior citizens who are unable to successfully accomplish tasks by themselves whilst fostering little independence. Nonetheless, we also cater different age groups who are in need of health care services at the comfort of their homes.

This home health care in Maryland is client-centered to ensure that our clients’ trust is preserved and that the care we give is genuine and on a personal level.

We established our core values for us to become true to our role as a home care agency. These values are:

  • respect and dignity
  • compassion and empathy
  • honesty and integrity
  • diversity

Respect is having due regard for others’ feelings, rights, and beliefs, among others. Dignity, on the other hand, is an individual’s right to be valued whereas integrity is the practice of honesty and strict adherence to ethics. These values are inculcated in us because our clients are our priority and thus, worthy of being treated right, being valued, and deserving of honesty.

We also practice compassion and empathy which is having the motivated sense to go out of the way just to help others and the ability to share feelings with others, respectively. These values are crucial in our line of service because being able to understand the emotional occurrences of our clients will help us form a connection with them.

Lastly, we value diversity. We accept every individual who knocks at our door because we give high regard to cultural responsibility to deliver consistent and equally meaningful home care services for everyone.

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