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Why Older Adults Need to Socialize More


Social interactions should not stop as soon as you reach retirement. Science has proven time and time again the importance of socialization and companionship even in old age. As a family member, remember to keep this in mind the moment you visit your grandparents.

Sarah’s Peace and Love Home Healthcare, a highly recognized home health care agency in Laurel, Maryland, offers some insights into the value of socialization among the elderly.

  • More physical activity
    Making new friends beyond your social group may encourage more physical activities and improve your overall mood, according to one study. One theory is that hanging out with current friends is more sedentary as they tend to spend time together at home watching TV, playing indoor games, or having a conversation.
  • Social and emotional support
    Social isolation increases the risk of depression and anxiety in seniors. This can be avoided by keeping a social or emotional circle with friends, family members, or respite care providers.
  • Address healthcare needs
    When an elderly feels ill and requires medical attention, having someone around allows them to verbalize what they need. That is why, apart from relatives or acquaintances, an in-home care team also forms a critical social support system.

We understand you want only the best for your parents or grandparents. Thus, our home care services in Maryland will not only offer the needed care but also provide a friendly companion. Talk to us, so we can assess your loved one’s specific needs. Contact us to get started

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