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Help the Elderly Avoid Depression


Depression is a silent killer, regardless of age. However, the risks of developing depression are higher in older adults, according to the CDC. If you have an aging loved one, elderly care alone may not be enough to prevent depression.

Sarah’s Peace and Love Home Healthcare, a trusted home health care agency in Laurel, Maryland, provides these tips:

  • Maintain social connections
    Ensure your senior loved ones are constantly socially engaged with friends and family members. If possible, they may also participate in community integration activities, such as charity events.
  • Find purpose in life
    Help them find what life means to them. Some ways to do this include learning a new skill, traveling, writing a memoir, taking pride in their achievements, and focusing on what they can do. With your guidance, they can live a fruitful life despite their age.
  • Encourage a healthy lifestyle
    A healthy diet, good sleep, and physical activity are the most common elderly habits recommended by healthcare experts. If you think you’re unable to guide your loved ones through this lifestyle, consider professional respite care.

Making sure your elderly loved ones are in their best shape does not have to cost you that much. Your time, dedication, and genuine service are what they need the most.

To help you provide the right care for your seniors, our home care services in Maryland utilize evidence-based techniques and approaches for the best outcomes. If you’re ready, contact us to start the process.

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