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Benefits of Being Physically Active

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As we grow older, our bodies become less flexible and adaptable. It is not as easy to lose weight and gain muscles in our 50s as it was in our 20s. However, this does not mean that we should just let our bodies become weaker as we age. Being physically fit as an older adult is still possible and it has many health benefits. As a provider of home health care in Maryland, we encourage our clients to be as physically active as possible.

Our home care agency presents to you the benefits of having regular physical activities a part of your lifestyle:

  • Emotional benefits. Being physically active helps reduce feelings of loneliness and stress. It also improves one’s mood and overall emotional and mental well-being. For older adults, doing exercise can help prevent depression that comes from living alone and/or away from your family.
  • Fall prevention. Statistics show that falls are one of the leading causes of injuries and disabilities in older adults. Doing balancing exercises can improve one’s balance and reduce the risk of falls.
  • Ensuring independence. As a senior, being physically active means being able to live independently. It would make you stronger and give you more energy to do your tasks by yourself or needing only minimal assistance.

Our home care services in Laurel, Maryland include assistance with activities of daily living and walking and exercise accompaniment. Our caregivers at Sarah’s Peace and Love Home Healthcare can assist seniors when they are doing physical activities to ensure their safety.

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