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What Causes Stress in the Elderly

 What Causes Stress in the Elderly

Stress is a factor that can hugely affect the health of a person. It aggravates conditions more. If a person has multiple stressors, the more illnesses get worse. In the elderly, it may cause Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease to progress and worsen.

But what causes stress to seniors?

There are many causes of stress in seniorhood, and we can name a few. Check them below.

  • Retirement

    Sudden changes in activities, lifestyle, and financial stability can cause stress in seniors. There is a big difference in the retirement stage, and when they are used to having a good time at work, they can get bored and unhappy. In addition to that, being under home care services in Laurel, Maryland, makes them feel useless.

  • Loss of a loved one

    It is hard for seniors to accept death, especially the loss of long-time friends and family members. Watch out for signs of depression.

  • Terminal illnesses

    Learning about a fatal condition may cause anxiety to seniors. They may lose the confidence to fight the disease, knowing that they will succumb to it anyway. But that’s not the case. We should cheer them up and help them live life to the fullest before their time runs out. With watchful home health care in Maryland, this can also be possible.

Our home care agency would like to help in any way we can. We believe that seniors should be living comfortably, safely, and positively. Let Sarah’s Peace and Love Home Healthcare provide them the assistance they deserve.

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