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Keep Seniors Knowledgeable About Online Frauds

Keep Seniors Knowledgeable About Online Frauds

Seniors can be prone to cybercrimes. They are easy prey for online predators who lurk in all corners of the world wide web.

Online violators are getting smarter as websites enhance their security systems. They are witty enough to make the victims willing to do their commands.

  • Online banking fraud

    Scammers can send an email using an address similar to the email address of banks and financial institutions. The unsuspecting victims will willingly provide the details, knowing that the email is legit. That is the time the account gets compromised. Later on, the account holder finds out zeroed balances.

  • Romance scam

    The elderly males are susceptible to scams where a person presents a fake online identity and acts as a pretty woman looking for a life partner. They manipulate the victim and earn his trust. When the victim is fully engaged, the scammer asks for money then leaves him hanging. Then he will realize it is a syndicated fraud.

  • Earn-cash online scams

    Get-rich-quick schemes are everywhere. And now, they’re online too. They come in different faces – from investment scams to forex trading, now online surveys and cashier’s check scams.

These things do occur for some time now, and if we don’t take action, more seniors can fall as victims. It might be the right time to hire home health care in Maryland to guide them in many aspects.

Sarah’s Peace and Love Home Healthcare can keep an eye on the activities of your seniors. We can help educate them to become better cyber users and go the extra mile with our home care services in Laurel, Maryland.

If you are looking for personal or respite care, you can trust our home care agency.

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